“Buzz Newton thrilled everyone with his consummate performance of Neath Dublin Skies. In true champion style he delivered flying swarms of notes with thoroughly practiced ease, but also warmed our hearts with his rich, mellow tone, particularly in his second item Peace.”
​Stuff, November 2015

As a teacher Buzz offers a wide range of formats from individual tuition on various instruments to lecture styled recitals on euphonium/low brass related topics.  



Private Consultation Lessons  

Buzz has worked with brass players of all standards and ages in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Tuition can either be a one to one consultation or as part of a small group. Pupils frequently have individual requirements for these sessions, a technique to improve, solo preparation, or just a general session aimed at finding any areas that need work. This could include concentration and mental preparation skills (often over look as musicians). Buzz accredits his knowledge of these skills to having an extensive background in sport, playing and coaching cricket at junior and elite levels.  


Lessons can be given in Wellington at the Wellington Brass Band Room based in Ngaio, or at other agreed venues. It is also possible for players to organise sessions around solo and band events that Buzz is attending. Please don't hesitate to get in touch by email to discuss these options. 

In 2017 Buzz lunched his own brass academy Buzzing Brass.


Tertiary-level music education 

If you're looking to study euphonium or baritone performance at University level in New Zealand Buzz is the euphonium/baritone tutor at the New Zealand School of Music.


Master class 

Aspiring musicians, and their teachers, typically consider master classes to be one of the most effective means of musical development. The difference between individual or group tuition and a master class is generally the setup. In one of Buzzs master classes, all the students (and often spectators) will watch and listen as one student or small ensemble plays through a piece or technical exercise. This is a great way of disseminating information to more people at one time than individual tuition. The class can vary between 30 minutes and up to two hours with the time divided between the students. In a one hour class the maximum number of students would be four, allowing 15 minutes for each student. The participants (typically intermediate or advanced) usually perform a single piece which they have prepared, and Buzz will give them advice, often including demonstrations of how to play certain passages, and how to approach common technical errors.

It is common for a master class to take place the day before or the day of a concert or recital, the latter being a means to obtain a larger audience.